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Will Hair Curling Headbands Work on Short Hair?

In short, yes and you don’t need heat to do it. We’ve all been there – you see an effortlessly tousled bob or perfectly face-framing curls on an updo. Like many others, we were inexplicably drawn to our Magicurler for smooth, shiny curls with our newly snipped off locks. We used to think that heat was the only way to get perfect curls each and every time. Especially when short hair leaves less margin for experimental error, we get that it’s just easier and faster to use heat styling tools.


The Benefits of Heatless Curling

Although heat may seem like the only option when you’ve got things to do and places to be, styling tools are not your friends. Most people turn to heat for a quick way to look polished when otherwise relatively unkempt. Here at Floke, we resembled woodland creatures after a WFH day. Consequently, we continued our toxic relationships with our heat tools. We relied on them to curb frizz and temporarily regain that shine, which ironically only led to more frizz and more damage. Heat severely dries out hair, resulting in frizz, breakage, and split ends. This makes your hair even more unmanageable than it was in the first place. Now that it’s 2021, nobody has time for negative or self-sabotaging behavior like this. Accountability, the event of the season! We’re not your parents, so don’t feel obliged but we’re into self-care and growth over here this time of year.


Heatless Curls for Short Hair

So, the big question is…what can you do to get soft and bouncy curls without heat, especially with short hair? We’ve done the hard work (that no one asked us to do) to try literally every method of curling short hair, the heatless way. Most of the results were not aesthetic and consequently, erased from our phones forever to spare you all. Some provided great curls, but took too much time or too many brain cells to use. Now introducing our Magicurler, a simple and gentle way of creating heatless curls on all hair lengths, including short hair. It’s also easy to incorporate into your daily routine (and does not require ambidexterity like some other methods).


Magical Hair Curling Headbands

Our Magicurler is designed for folks on the go, who want picture-perfect curls without damaging their hair. Made from 100% mulberry silk, our Magicurler is incredibly gentle and reduce unsightly frizz whilst smoothing down your hair. Plus, they can be used while you sleep (or putter around your home) and are cute to boot.


How to Use the Magicurler

  1. With damp hair, use a wide-tooth comb to gently create a middle part.
  2. Place the Magicurler over your head at the center.
  3. Tightly secure in the center with the claw clip.
  4. From your middle part, start wrapping your hair in half fist-size bunches around the sides of the ribbon, moving away from your face.
  5. Add more hair each time as you wrap downwards. At this point, you’ll be having major Little House on the Prairie vibes, hair-wise.
  6. Use a silk scrunchie to tie the ends of your hair on both sides of the Magicurler, like you’re securing braids.
  7. Remove the claw clip and continue on with your activities for a minimum of six hours or overnight if it’s your bedtime.
  8. When it’s time, simply remove the scrunchie and lift the Magicurler from the center point upwards, releasing your now dry hair.
  9. Your new, long-lasting, and heatless curls will magically appear as you remove the Magicurler. Although we’re disillusioned by many things, things like this make us believe in magic again.


What’s Next?

The world is your oyster because new curls, new you. Lately, we’ve been serving up trendy and perfectly tousled baby ponytails with claw clips. For stronger and more defined curls, we like to add texturizing pomade throughout the hair for that extra oomph. For even longer-lasting curls, set your final look with hair setting spray. Your future hair will thank you, as all that heat damage does eventually pile up over time. Now that you have shorter hair, it’s more important than ever to protect it (and have fun while doing it).

We’d love to see you and your new heatless curls, so feel free to tag us on Instagram with #flokehair! We love a good transformation photo – now go on out there and do you with your beautiful, healthy hair.