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Are Scrunchies Better For Your Hair Than Hair Ties?

Scrunchies are back and better than ever! Not only are they better for your hair than hair ties, they add a pop of color and a playful twist to any look. We’re obsessed and here are the top five reasons why – along with some of our favorite scrunchie hair looks.


1. Scrunchies are better for your hair

The scrunchie design, with extra material covering the elastic, is what makes them better for your hair. Think of a scrunchie like a pillow that protects your hair! Unlike a normal hair tie, the material doesn’t pull or tug on the hair which is what causes damage. With regular hair ties and elastics, hair can break from the contact when tying hair up (and especially when it’s tight).

Scrunchies also hold hair more loosely than a regular hair tie, so you won’t end up accidentally breaking your hair or pulling hair out. We particularly love silk scrunchies, as they’re super soft and do not tangle or pull on the hair when you remove them. This also means no more headaches from too-tight updos!


2. Scrunchies don’t leave unattractive dents in your hair

We’ve all been there; you take off your hair tie and there’s suddenly an odd wave in your hair. This is because the elastic in hair ties is often much tighter than necessary to hold hair together. With silk scrunchies, there’s a looser hold and no friction – which means no unsightly dents, kinks, or waves after putting hair up.


3. Scrunchies add that extra special something to any look

Available in a ton of fabrics, colors, and styles, scrunchies are perfect for accessorizing. You can use it to color coordinate with other pieces or on its own as an effortlessly chic statement piece. They even come in other variations – we’re into scrunchies with bows at the moment.

Scrunchies also easily jazz up otherwise basic hairstyles, like the classic ponytail. It makes a huge difference in how polished you look versus wearing a regular hair tie.


4. Scrunchies can make your hair look more voluminous

If you have fine or limp-looking hair, scrunchies also do a great job of making hair appear more voluminous without heat. You don’t need to bust out the blow-dryer, curling iron, or volumizing spray if you have a scrunchy on hand!

The bulky material of scrunchies helps beef up ponytails and messy buns, as they prop up the hair and create the illusion of more voluminous hair. What’s even better is that you don’t even need to damage your hair with heat tools or tugging to get more volume at the roots.


5. Scrunchies look super cute as bracelets

We all know someone who always has a simple hair elastic on their wrist. Not only are these uncomfortably tight over time, they’re not particularly cute compared to a scrunchie.

On the other hand, scrunchies are cute and are just as stylish as bracelets! Perfect to keep on your wrist all day, they can also help pull together your outfit and add some color.

Girl with hair tied with scrunchie


Our Favorite Scrunchie Looks

As promised, here are some of our favorite scrunchie looks to inspire you! Available in so many textures and fabrics, scrunchies are suitable for any occasion – whether you’re going for a date night or just hitting the gym.


1. High messy bun

A scrunchie added to a messy bun is an effortlessly cute look – perfect when paired with matching loungewear sets, an oversized tee or a simple summer look like a crop and high-waisted shorts. We love broderie anglaise lace scrunchies for classic summertime vibes!


2. Half up half-down

Super girly and glamorous, adding a scrunchie will help you hold up the “half-up” part of this hairdo. The volume of a scrunchie also allows hair to cascade down and frame your face in a more flattering way.


3. A not-so-basic pony

A scrunchie makes the humble ponytail instantly chic. Keep it uber stylish in satin or opt for a cute and girly look in velvet. Great for events or even the gym, scrunchies make ponytails cuter than ever.


4. A low bun

Thinner scrunchies can soften more serious-looking hairstyles, like a low bun. Brighter colors can create a more casual and fun look whilst neutral colors will help with a more feminine and elegant look.